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Rocket League Hot Wheels pack 24th of September 2018

Rocket League and the company Hot Wheels are teaming up again! This is their second time in a row. Good news for fans of both companies. On the 24th of September they even are going to drop their biggest premium DLC package ever. The Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack is coming soon! In this package they have transformed famous Hot Wheel cars into Rocket League ones. For this premium Rocket League items DLC package they have transformed multiple cars.

Hot wheels models into Rocket League items

They have transformed multiple famous cars into game cars. The DLC will add the following cars to your game:

  • Fazella GT
  • MR11
  • Fast 4WD

New toppers

The package will also add new toppers to the game:

  • Gorilla
  • Snake
  • Spider

There is even more news

In addition to the new Hot Wheels in-game DLC, Rocket League will add more to the game starting mid-october. They will add cars like the Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III. These cars will be available with unique paint jobs. You do not have to pay for all the Hot Wheels content. They will at some free stuff with this premium package. For example the brand new Hot Wheels Rivals arena and some custom Hot Wheels items.  You can check the trailer on YouTube right now! It’s amazing.

Price and info

The package is available for $5,99 or a regional equivalent. In Europe it will probably cost €5,99. It’s never the regional equivalent for euro-players. Nevertheless it’s a great price if you are into the game Rocket League.