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The first steps to becoming a World Drivers champion

Do you aspire to become an F1 world champion just like sir Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, or maybe soon the young Dutch wonderboy Max Verstappen? Or do you just want to have fun with your high end sim racing gig? Chances are that you might find yourself needing a Sim racing formula steering wheel. A steering wheel is essential for any sim racer who drives an F1, F2 or any other formula car on their sim. In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about a sim racing wheel.


What is a formula steering wheel?

A sim racing gig is made out of all different types of sim racing hardware, for instance the tachometer, speedometer, control, dashboard, seatbelt and more. The steering wheel is also one of these components. Sim racing hardware is similar to different parts of a ‘’real’’ physical car. All of these parts are responsible for a different functionality, which ensures the possibility of driving without issues. Driving a formula car can prove to be highly complicated, and so does a formula sim. The reason the sim can be so complicated is tied to the fact that you need to manage a number of different parameters in a short period of time. You need awareness on the fuel mix, harvested energy, energy deployed, differential, tyre temperature, car damage and numerous other parameters. Those parameters allow the driver to really be in control of the vehicle.


Different steering wheel systems

When it comes to sim racing steering wheels there are a lot of different choices. You can pick a GT steering wheel, which is suitable for all sorts of different rally racing. GT steering wheels often look a bit more like steering wheels found in regular cars. Formula steering  wheels may look a bit different on the first sight, but are replicas of real F1 or F2 steering wheels. A lot of F1 drivers often practise in the sim, and advocate the use of it. Some of the current drivers in the grid even stream their practise on Twitch, some examples are the monegasque Charles Leclerc, the British prodigies Lando Norris and soon-to-be mercedes driver George Rusell


Where do I buy a sim racing steering wheel?

Now that you are aware of the importance of a good Sim racing formula steering wheel, you need to find a distributor. Make sure to shop at, they have a broad range of products for your sim racing gig and usually dispatch within a few business days.