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What IA Group can do for you

Digital legal services must be comprehensive in the digital age. They should not just help save costs or manage risk. CGIA Group focuses on providing common legal services such as consulting, tax, and so on. We see our digital platform as an AI, ML and NLP-based service that connects clients with multiple legal advisors as an asset-light digital platform. Our centers employ the highest rated academics from the most prestigious universities because of the impact they can have on people’s lives. IA Group can support you on multiple legal issues:

Taking a legal specialist on your side is a good way to avoid legal problems. Every five to 10 years, a company gets involved in a legal dispute. That’s just the way it goes. A lawsuit is likely to cost more than it brings in due to poor file preparation or similar issues. However, you should avoid these legal issues as much as possible. While legal services are generally quite complex in terms of quality and cost, it is important to consider which lawyer can offer the greatest help in legal prevention. Having a legal aid attorney on your side is crucial in making the right choices. By doing so, you can be assured that your costs will be paid.

Legal automation and AI solutions

Legal documentation is a highly repetitive process with a lot of redundancy built in. By simply using AI to automate part of the process, we can reduce the time and cost of managing legal documentation. We can apply ML to improve the accuracy and speed of document review. Our systems can read and understand what is in a document to generate automated insights and recommendations. Our AI algorithms can also help lawyers with discovery (finding documents and data relevant to a case).

Finding good legal talent can be difficult, especially in emerging markets. Using AI to analyze various data sources can increase the accuracy of search results by as much as 90%. In other words, better hiring decisions are made as a result of more accurate search results. IA Group operates in multiple countries worldwide, for more information visit the website.