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This comic shop offers many pieces from the Disney Showcase Collection

The next best thing to meeting your favorite Disney characters is to purchase their statuettes in the Kid Collector Shop. This way, the heroes and villains of these beloved films will always be near. You can shop the pieces from the Disney Showcase Collection online or you can visit this shop in Belgium. Other than the Disney figurines, you can choose from pieces from other world-famous franchises. Any comic-lover and collector will marvel at the collections of this comic shop.

You will find statuettes of all your favorite characters in this shop

There are plenty of collections in this shop for you to choose from. For example, Q Posket releases figurines of K-pop idols, Harry Potter characters and many stars from famous TV-series. Beast Kingdom Toys sells dioramas and statuettes of characters from DC Comics and other franchises. If you are a Disney superfan, the Disney Showcase Collection is sure to satisfy. This collection consists of figurines of all kinds of characters from Disney films. You will find all your favorite princesses, heroes and villains in this offer. Every piece is hand-painted, resulting in a unique figurine every time. This also means that the figurines from this shop’s collection are unbelievably detailed. Another advantage of shopping from these comic-enthusiasts is that there are regular sales in which you can purchase your favorite pieces at a reduced price. If you decide to order from this shop, each piece will be shipped in a branded gift packaging to diminish the risk of damage to your precious figurines.

Visit this shop or buy online

If you found the piece(s) of Disney Showcase Collection that you were looking for, you can purchase them online. It is also possible to place a pre-order for a statuette that has not been released yet. If you wish to admire the figurines in person, feel free to visit the Kid Collector Shop in Belgium.