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The perfect start to furnishing your new office

The perfect start to furnishing your new office

Are you planning to move into a new office soon, but don’t know where to start with the decorating? Decorating an office can be a challenging task with many aspects to consider. If you’re looking for tips and inspiration for decorating your office, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we share valuable insights and practical advice.


Listen to your employees

When designing your office layout, it’s essential to find out what your team’s preferences are. Do they work primarily as a team or are they more independent? Do they need a lot of interaction or do they prefer to work in a quiet environment? Do they mainly work in the office or do they prefer flexible working, including working from home? By taking these factors into account, you can create the ideal work environment that meets the needs of your employees. Don’t forget to ask for input from your staff as well, since they will ultimately work in the spaces you design.


Think about the layout

It is important to think carefully about how your team works. Are there lots of meetings and teamwork, or does everyone work primarily on tasks individually? Do you often receive clients in the office, or is this less frequent? Sometimes it can be helpful to set up separate areas, such as meeting rooms or reception areas, so you can have quiet meetings or receive clients. In addition to workspaces, the design of common areas is also important, such as the cafeteria or relaxation area. Allow your employees a moment of relaxation during hard work and offer them amenities that provide relaxation and fun, such as a foosball table or a closet full of games.


Kato is at your service!

If you don’t have time to furnish the office interior yourself or are reluctant to do so, you can always enlist the help of Kato. Kato specializes in office design and is ready to support you in realizing your ideal working environment. Would you like to get inspiration and see what offices they have decorated before? Then be sure to take a look at their website and get inspired!