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6 Latest Innovation in Mobile Technology You Should Know

There are lots of latest mobile technology innovations that you need to know because the world is tilting to the mobile direction.

If you will be successful in business you need to be on top of your game, doing research and learning new ways of doing things. Some of the innovations you should know now include:

When you download some applications, you can’t use them without giving them access to your location. Uber and Lyft are good examples of rideshare apps that you cannot use without sharing your location. You cannot connect with a driver if the app doesn’t know your exact location. Currently, businesses that do not have anything to do with transportation request for access to your location because they use this to source for targeted ads. Businesses use Geofencing and location-based services to make more money. It is certain that lots ofVirtual operators will begin to use this as time goes by.

Business owners need to usemobile security to protect the information of users to ensure that all transactions are secure. Most people hesitate when it is required to make payment online because of different fraudulent activities that take place on the internet. Many mobile devices come with an encryption on their storage as a built-in feature that protects the information In a mobile phone.

Mobile applications are important for every business. Business owners are becoming aware of this trend, they understand its importance to their business growth. About 50% ofsmall business owners made plans to create a mobile application for their brands in 2017 and this has been on the rise in 2021. With mobile apps, business owners make their services flexible and accessible to customers.

Limebike and Bird are some latest transportation apps with unique features. With the Bird app, you can locate an electric scooter in your area, which is unlocked and starts using the app. You can leave this scooter anywhere (after locking with the app) and it will be picked up by the next rider who also uses the Bird app. The Bird company raised about $15 million to begin the business. New businesses need to look into this to make their services accessible and efficient.

  1. Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality modifies what is real. This app adds various elements  to your device that are not there. It allows you to enhance objects that reside in the real world, using computer generated-perceptual information. AR incorporates real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects.

  1. Cross platform mobile development

The cross-platform mobile development makes it possible for an application to be used on both Android and iOS devices. Businesses can now create just one app for both platforms.


These are the six mobile technologies you should be aware of and you need to think about how you can implement them in your business or daily life.