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What does it mean to have a spiritual connection with someone?

A spiritual connection is something very special. You don’t experience this kind of connection with many different people and it is both unique as well as mysterious. Of course you can have a good and special bond with the people you see a lot in your daily life like coworkers, friends or acquaintances. But this is not the same as a true spiritual connection. Let us dive deeper into this concept.   

How to recognize a spiritual connection?

If you have a spiritual connection with someone this will have a deep and heavy impact on your life as they are always on your mind. Some people would refer to it as an unbreakable bond or as soulmates. This kind of bond or connection will be a joy to your live and a positive influence. A spiritual connection can be both romantic or platonic. An important factor to keep in mind is that these connections come from both sides and can not be forced.

Look for these signs:

  • Being around this person gives you a very free feeling that brings your peace of heart and peace of mind.
  • It feels like you have known each other forever – even if this is not the case – and even if you have only met recently. It’s all about a comforting familiarity feeling.
  • When communicating with each other, there is nothing holding you back. You feel like you can tell them anything, and they will not judge or reject you for that.
  • There is a huge amount of trust in each other, and this will never go away.
  • Having a spiritual connection with someone also means having deep and spiritual conversations with each other about deep topics and questions in your life. You are having a lot of meaningful conversations.
  • If you are around each other, you don’t always have to speak. One look can be enough to know how the other one is feeling. You can sense each other.
  • Complete honesty and openness. No secrets.
  • There is a sense of encouragement to positively benefit each other and make them realize their life goals and true potential.

If, while reading this, you thought of a special someone and you tick all the boxes, then this might very well be the person you have a deep and spiritual connection with. Cherish this!

Barbara the medium

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