HDD Caddy

Actually, a hard drive Caddy is the same as a HDD Caddy of HD Caddy. A HDD Caddy has an external case, this case has the same size as a DVD player. It is very easy to put a hard drive disc in a HDD Caddy, you do not need electronic knowledge. When you have put the hard drive disc in a HDD Caddy, you have to do that only one time, you can remove your DVD player from your laptop. The next step, you put the HDD Caddy, included with the hard drive disc, in the slot of the DVD player. When your laptop has not enough memory, the HDD Caddy is perfect for your laptop. Actually, you create more memory for your laptop. You can also buy a SSD Caddy, the speed of your laptop is much better with a SDD Caddy than without a SDD Caddy.

Size of a HDD Caddy

You can use a HDD Caddy in every size laptop, the brand of the laptop does not matter, every brand laptop will work with a HDD Caddy. The only condition of your laptop is that when you will use a HDD Caddy, your laptop must have a DVD player. However, the most laptops have a DVD player so there is no problem. There are two sizes of HDD Caddys. There is a HDD Caddy with a size of 9,5 mm and there is a HDD Caddy with a size of 12,7 mm. You have to know what the right size is for your DVD player.  Simply you can measure the size of your DVD player. Your DVD player has the same size as the HDD Caddy which you need.

HDD Caddy connections

A HDD Caddy has two different connections, namely one for the motherboard of your laptop and one connection for the hard drive disc. Nowadays, the newest hard drive discs has a SATA connection, older models have not a SATA-connection. Older models have often a PATA/IDE connection. There is also a different between the connection of the motherboard, this can be a SATA connection or a PATA connection.

Design of the HDD Caddy

When your DVD player is replaced with a HDD Caddy with the hard disc, it is important to have a beautiful finish. You can use the front panel of your DVD player and put it on your HDD Caddy. This is a beautiful ensemble.