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High-quality laser treatments for skin improvement and skin rejuvenation at Van Lennep Kliniek

Are you looking for effective skin improvement and skin rejuvenation? Then you’ve come to the right place at Van Lennep Kliniek. With branches in The Hague and Oegstgeest, the clinic offers various laser treatments performed by experienced specialists. Whether you want to improve your face or body, the laser treatments are suitable for various purposes. From fading pigment spots to reducing acne scars, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, the initial consultation at Van Lennep Kliniek is free. So what are you waiting for? Contact the clinic and find out what they can do for you.

Laser treatments performed by IPL specialists

Van Lennep Kliniek offers various laser treatments in The Hague and Oegstgeest. These treatments have various purposes, such as skin improvement and skin rejuvenation for both the body and face. Laser treatments are performed by experienced laser and IPL specialists. Laser treatment can be sensitive, but most patients tolerate the treatment well without anaesthesia. The laser treatment feels like warm ‘pricks’ on the skin. After treatment, it is important to be sensible with the sun and use a high SPF sunscreen. The duration and number of sessions of a laser treatment depend on the condition of the skin. On average, 4 treatments are needed for optimal results. The price of a laser treatment depends on the location and type of laser. The initial consultation at Van Lennep Kliniek is free of charge. For more information and to make an appointment, please contact the clinic.

Fractional laser treatment

Fractional laser treatment is an effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. Using this laser, laser beams are introduced into the skin, making it more resilient and plump. This treatment is particularly suitable for people over the age of 30. The fractional laser treatment provides overall skin improvement and can be used to refine the skin, fade pigmentation spots and improve skin texture. It can also reduce acne scars and tighten the skin. The laser works in fractional mode, which means that a section of the skin is treated per laser pulse. After treatment, there may be some downtime, depending on the depth of treatment. The number of treatments required depends on the desired result and skin condition. A free consultation can provide more information on the possibilities of fractional laser treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Van Lennep Kliniek

Van Lennep Kliniek is a renowned clinic specialising in aesthetic medicine. With a wide range of treatments and expertise from experienced professionals, the clinic provides high-quality care and results to its clients. On Van Lennep Kliniek’s website, you will find extensive information on the various treatments they offer, such as injectables, skin improvement and surgery. You can also get to know the team of specialists and their experience and knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine. If you are looking for a reliable clinic with a personalised approach, Van Lennep Kliniek is definitely worth a visit.