The Organization and Management program immerses you in a refreshing bath of communication, languages, marketing, management and digital applications. Each of the specializations and trajectories opens the door to a wide range of practical skills and makes you an expert in your chosen field of expertise. Do you opt for Event & Project Management or do you prefer Business & Languages? With this last specialization you can choose from two tracks: International Relations and Human Resources. Either way, you become someone organizations can rely on. A multi-deployable force that also keeps its head above water in crisis situations, sets priorities and takes responsibility.

With your interest in languages, you are eager to make intercultural contacts in the business world. In addition, you tackle problems quickly and efficiently and you search creatively for solutions. Connecting communication allows you to build good relationships with stakeholders, improve the functioning of your organization and switch smoothly between different languages and cultures.


Endless job opportunities
Your diploma in Marketing and Communication Support is a ticket to a promising future.

Depending on your specialization, you will end up in the marketing or communication department of an organisation. You support various tasks: developing folders, updating websites, organizing events, following up orders and much more.

Our former students easily find their way to marketing and communication agencies, from SMEs to multinationals. But you can also get started in the event sector.

Or would you rather study further?
Do you have a good taste and would you like to deepen your knowledge of a certain domain? Which can!

After obtaining the graduate diploma in one of the specializations (Marketing Support (MS) or Communication Support (CS)) you can also obtain the other specialization in one additional semester.

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